Pilots flying IFR out of Morristown Airport

Morristown Air Traffic Control Tower
4 Airport Rd
Morristown, NJ 07960

June 23, 2017
Pilots flying IFR out of Morristown Airport:
MMU Tower was recently notified by Washington Center, through FAA Traffic Management, that MMU Tower had issued Low Level SERMN South clearances to aircraft when the tower had reasonable knowledge that the pilot did not intend on landing at the destination in the clearance. FAA Traffic Management has asked me to inform pilots flying out of MMU that the practice of filing for a destination airport that is not the actual intended destination airport, and then requesting a higher altitude and/or continuing to the actual intended destination, is not a good practice and negatively impacts the flow of the National Airspace System. In the future, aircraft will be expected to land at the destination airport filed in their clearance unless diverting due to weather, mechanical issue, or in case of emergency. Additionally, pilots are reminded that SERMN Escape Routes have a restriction that the pilot must comply with the altitude restriction and not request higher.

Anthony J Barrett
Air Traffic Manager, Morristown Tower